Change Something This Year

This New Year choose a course for your life each day, each week, each month. Do not just stumble through life or be swept away by other people’s dreams and agendas, make your own. Begin to behave in a different way, make a conscious decision to go a certain direction and achieve a certain dream. Make a list and call it ‘must do’ that you will keep going back to and remind yourself each time what you will spend your time and energy on.

This New Year ask yourself,
1. Am I waking up in the place I want to be today?
2. Do I need to move from here?
3. Do I need to revisit my goals?
4. Do I need to adapt, change or update my goals?
5. What are my goals?

Years ago while growing up we were surrounded by childish things and none of us really had any meaningful goals. We were enrolled in primary school by our parents or guardian; we did the exams and went on to secondary school by our passing the same exams. The same happened in secondary school and we ended up at college or university by passing more exams.

Later we fell into a job by its availability, by what our degree or diploma said we had qualified for or through sheer desperation. Things sort of just happened for a while but are you still waiting for things to happen to you now? Day by day, every day, do you get up, pray, wash, eat, and go off to your respective destinations without pausing. Are you going to be waiting until you retire, get fired or die?

Change something this year and tell a friend or someone in the family what it is you want to change. Is it earning more than you do at present, driving a better car, owning your own house and not renting, finding a better job, or just finding work? Examine your present position and see whether you pass or fail. Whether you can get a new car, qualify for a higher paying job; earn enough to buy a house or a plot? Or examine whether your environment allows for you to achieve your goal?

Make a timetable; by making a time table and following it you will stay focused and will not miss an opportunity or run out of steam and give up midway. Tell yourself, by such and such a time I will have bought a better stove, a nicer TV, car or house. Or by such and such a time I will get a promotion at work or start a business. Or simply, at the end of the year I will have enough money to get married or start building a house. Even if he did not mean household goods, cars or marriage, it is still noteworthy what Barack Obama said, and it was “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Change something this year.


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