Questions To Huruma Sungula, Filmmaker.

Why Filmmaking and Not Some Other Career?
I have always been a story teller. When I was a child I watched movies and narrated them entirely to my cousins. In High School I wrote stories during lessons and prep for my friends to read in their free time (cost me my grades). I cannot imagine myself outside filmmaking and storytelling. As Hilary Clinton said,
“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.”

When did you start Filmmaking?
I started film making back in 2009. I produced a film then, titled ‘Ndinawe’ which was very amateur work, but the story was strong enough to attract a local distributor called Nonkas Films and I intend to re – do the movie.

What was your first film about?
My first feature film to be released in cinemas was titled ‘My Sister’s Man’. It is a romantic Drama feature about two sisters whose sibling rivalry takes a toll on their lives when they both fall for the same man, who they barely know.

How easy is it to get a film produced in Zambia?
It is not easy, but still fun for a passionate filmmaker. I know that someday it will get easier and many will freely participate but as for now, the challenges and risks are endless, but then, so are possibilities.

Where can you be contacted?
I am very active on social media; I have a Facebook page Huruma Sungula which keeps friends, fans, and potential partners abreast of my current projects. I am on twitter, Video and google plus. My contact details are on all these profiles.


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