Stop These Things When You’re Working on Your Finances

Being broke is always stressful and it is does very little to help you achieve your financial goals especially if you continue with the same pattern of behavior. To seriously work on your financial goals

  1. Stop buying

Coffee, tea or Cocoa

It may be the cool and quick thing to do but a hot beverage every day from anywhere other than your kitchen or the break room at work is an abyss where your money will not rise out from.

Take away lunches

The cheapest meal will cost a few coins a day but every day this will translate into a large bill at the end of the month. This money should be going to boost your finances.

Expensive Gifts 

If you really must give a gift try to shop around for the best deals if not put the money you have in an envelope and give this instead of an expensive gift that you know you cannot afford.

A new outfit for every special occasion

Instead of going out and buying a new outfit that you will probably only wear once; go to your closet and fish out the outfit you wore on another occasion or borrow an outfit from a friend or family member.

  1. Stop spending

On a date

You don’t have to break the bank every time you go out—and if you do; you should probably reconsider the person you are dating.

On betting

Stop whatever form of gambling you have been playing with. This includes lottery tickets. Just because the amounts are small does not mean you are not gambling away your money. Gambling has driven financially well-off people into abject poverty so a young just starting out professional is, well, easy meat.

On fuel

Park your car and take the bus or walk to reduce the amount of money you spend on gas.

On Grooming

You can cut hair at home, shave at home, do your own nails and buy cheaper hair extensions until your finances are at a point where a monthly day of grooming and indulgence is not a want but a well-deserved need.

On television

Many shows repeat over and over again and are barely anything to keep an expensive bouquet for. Down-grade or cut the service altogether to help your finances. Or watch online depending on your internet service provider.

On weekends

Make TGIF a spend-free start to your weekend. Unless you’re not paying and somehow getting everything for free find a less expensive way to spend your weekends. Or find new friends that are serious about moving up in the world and do enjoy sitting at home with a few store bought drinks.

On Committees

Weddings and all the special ceremonies that come with them are usually very expensive and a drain on finances. So before you commit yourself to being on an organizing committee that is tasked to pull the thing off; ask yourself if this is one occasion that you should excuse yourself. There is always the next one and the next one and the next one after that.

  1. Stop ignoring  

Your bank statements

They will give you an idea of how you treat your money. If you take it out as soon as it comes in or if you put something in; your bank statement will give you a clear picture of your money behavior.

Your bills

They will not disappear until you pay them. Shoving them in a drawer is not facing the reality of your situation. It’s easier, cheaper, and better to pay your bills as they come in.

Your spouse

Do not pretend that you do not mind about the money when you do, especially when one of you is spending more than you both earn. Their debt is your debt because you are a couple. Not talking about money will probably make you drift apart rather than draw you closer. It is not a coincidence that money is one of the biggest causes of quarrels and divorce!


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