Dont Leave Just Yet

There are a number of reasons to quit your job especially when you are young but sometimes quitting is NOT the smartest thing to do. These are 3 reasons why not

  1. You Can Not Afford To 

Yes, you got paid but just because you have money now does not mean you will have money in 3 months. In 3 months when you cannot get another job and the rent and utility bills are due the decision you took to quit will start leaving a bitter taste in your month; and not from food because you will not have much in the pantry or fridge.

If you did get a severance package and have a little money in the bank; chances are that this will trickle down to zero faster than you can find a replacement job or income source. Finding a new job is never as quick as you may think.

  1. Tantrums Never Make For a Good Exit

Yes, your boss or a colleague were out of line and you lost your temper but saying,

“I quit!” And storming out in a huff may not be the best solution.

By all means be upset but take yourself as far away from the situation as possible and calm down. Take a breath or two and think things through. Chances are it is not such a big deal after all and a calmer you together with the other party may be able to fix the situation. And you will eventually realize that quitting may not be the best solution. If you are entitled, time off from the office could be the more sensible solution.

  1. Your Future Awaits You 

In time your role and title will change. You will not be the Assistant or Junior officer forever. Well, it should change and to help things along start looking at what roles are above you. Whose shoes do you want to fill when the time comes? Start exploring what the job means by talking to the person or reading up on it. Find out what qualifications are needed or what other requirements are needed for you to get the position.

If there is no role above you; create one. Your boss may need nudging along these lines so demonstrate to them that there is more for the business and for you. Chances are that they will value your initiative and dedication and will reward you in kind with a new role and more money.

Getting to the position you desire is something that happens over time if you work toward it, work well and you are patient.



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