These Things Say It is time For a Wardrobe Change

Clothes maketh you and the clothes you wear have a specific meaning and a specific time attached to them. These things below say it is time to make a wardrobe change

You are starting work: If you’re starting your first job or going back to work after a break you are moving from being a full-time stay at home person to full time employment and this calls for a wardrobe change. Especially if your work demands a certain way of dressing then you cannot but make sure that your wardrobe reflects this.

You have started in a new position: You have made an update on your LinkedIn profile so make an update in your wardrobe. Your new position may sometimes mean that you have no choice but to update your wardrobe but even if it does not call for this; you will need a few very efficient sets of clothes to mimic the new competent you.

You are getting more social invites: Going out more, especially to the sorts of places or events you rarely attended before will mean your clothes need to change. Not drastically but, you will need clothes that are event appropriate.

Your clothes are not appealing: If your clothes are from 10 or 20 years ago they are seriously due for a change and when your clothes are not appealing you will probably have the feeling that you have “nothing to wear”. The feeling of having “no clothes” usually manifests when you have too many of the wrong clothes. Get rid of clothes you are not wearing and replace them with clothes that you will wear.

Your physical appearance has changed: You may have lost or gained a few kilograms, or you just had a baby which means the once well-fitting clothes are either constricting or floppy. Make the wardrobe change and get rid of what no longer fits you well. (Embrace the new you and dress appropriately).

Your clothes have no room: When your clothes start staying in the washing basket, are draped on a chair or piling up on the ironing board and not in the wardrobe; means either you have too many clothes or the wardrobe is too small and it is time for a wardrobe change.


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