Money Mindsets That Can Hold You Back

We all have ideas about money and how we want to earn it, spend it or save it. But, some mindsets will find you taking decisions that you maybe should not be taking.

These are some of the mindsets 

I will never be good with money
There is some discipline required with money but, often, people get put off when they seem to always be breaking their own rules or falling behind. Eventually they stop bothering and settle in the “I am not good with money…” comfort zone. And later use this to justify all sorts of lavish purchases. Eventually falling into unnecessary debt and feeling like they are always trying to get out of one financial crisis after another. 

Money managing does not always mean not having fun or indulging yourself, it just requires you to think beyond the now, postpone some wants and to always have a spending plan.

I will be better when I make more money
Believing that you need a certain amount of money to be good with money is a dangerous thought.  And if your mind is made up that more money will make you better at managing money you are kind of giving up before the race starts. Once this defeatist mindset embeds itself, you will sabotage every money move you make. This will eventually prevent you from taking the steps you need to take to make your life better.

Be careful also that when the situation does change and the money does start coming in, that, you do not expect it to solve all your problems. More money will not solve all your problems. And more money does not magically bring happiness and more money will definitely not right all wrongs.

My season will come
Season’s do come and go; yes. But, money is made, it is spent and it is invested by people . You are people. Before ‘your season’ comes and while you are waiting for your account to fill with money miraculously-get it used to receiving money. Building up a good money regimen isn’t going to happen by accident. It takes quite a lot of time and effort to ensure you end in a good place financially.

Talking about good; being good, being kind, helpful and being the most helpful at every family crisis is all well and good, but, do not think that you will automatically receive manna or in this case money. It is not tit for tat. 


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