Why Walking is good for you

Walking is an activity that most people underrate and will brush off as an old person’s exercise. Whether for the young or older person, there are some really good things about walking and they are

Walking Improves Your Mood
Who does not like feeling good? With all that the world is throwing at us, we all need moments to feel good. And what better way to start your day than by getting outside and walking-around your garden, to the end of your street and soaking up some natural sunlight. Sunlight, is not only a source of Vitamin D it also increases serotonin levels. This serotonin improves your mood which helps heighten your feeling of happiness. So by walking, outside, on a sunny (not very hot or dark rainy) day—it is safe to say that you will feel good.
When you feel good you will feel less stressful, will be less likely to feel sad or depressed. And you will be more alert: because all that brisk walking pumps more oxygen to the brain.

Walking Helps with Blood Circulation
Walking, brisk walking that is, is really an aerobic activity. Aerobic exercises are known for increasing heart rate and helping your blood flow. And when your blood flows, you take in more oxygen and when you take in more oxygen your muscles and tissues in the body will benefit from this.
Good blood circulation means that your body will get the oxygen it needs. And good blood circulation is an indication that you have a healthy heart. A strong heart pumps blood with very little effort and as a result, the force in your arteries decrease, lowering blood pressure.

Walking Helps With Balance Strength and Coordination
Every year as we age, our bones lose strength and become weaker. Regular walking can strengthen them because as you walk some of the cells building the bones, called osteoblasts, respond to this movement. And walking can also help prevent bone density loss.
Besides bone density loss, as we age, our muscle strength declines. Walking builds back muscle and tones muscles-especially the muscles in your back and your legs. And at the same time you will burn fat (provided you walk regularly and pick up the pace).
Another thing that happens when we age is that our balance and coordination begins to decline. Walking helps build up lower-body strength, which is key to good balance and coordination.

Walking Helps with digestion
Walking helps speed up digestion and leads to better and more regular bowel movement. So if, you tend to sit back and not move around after eating, something which most people do; you will have a slower digestive system. Which means your stool will become hard and more difficult to eject. Basically, you will become constipated.
Walking helps with your digestive system and keeps you regular and means you will sleep better!


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