Money Social Hurdles and How to Get Over Them

The pressure to get your finances in order never goes away. And some critics will come in and make you feel inadequate at every step of the way. At this point be careful as it is very easy to fall into the trap of pushing yourself to earn more money only to spend it all and more than you intended to.

Money social pressures will always leave you feeling dissatisfied and inadequate so to help you get over some of these unending money pressures

Do You
You are already making money and therefore you know exactly how much will come in at any given time. More or less. So try not to fall victim to the comparing game. As the better off or mega earners will always be there in your circle or on social media.

Focus on your happiness and peace of mind by doing you. The King or Queen of success will always be there to make you feel bad, but do not feel bad. Just do you.

Ignore Them
Filter out the noise and societal expectations because all the noise does is give you unnecessary pressures. Try very hard to not let yourself be pressured to keep up. The truth is you will not manage. So, ignore the noise around you and look at your own financial strengths and weaknesses and what your actual aspirations are. Then come up with a number for yourself that will keep you happy.

Come to an amount that is enough for you and yours and not others. Then work towards fulfilling that goal. Step by step, day by day, week by week, and month by month year by year. Pursue this number at your own pace and ignore what society says is where you should be. The fact is you will never and cannot please society.

Be Firm
Have a game plan and stick to it. Be diligent in following it but do not be afraid to make a few changes now and then. As long as they are what you want and to your standards. Watch out as society will always be trying to raise the standards on your behalf. If you heed their word, it will not go well for your happiness. As you will be fulfilling society’s goals instead of fulfilling your own.

Make a decision and take a stance. Be firm, steadfast and stubborn. You are here to do you and your satisfaction will come from achieving your goals and not meeting society’s expectations.


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