Questions to Chief Creative Officer Augustine Kagimu

Augustine Kagimu was born in Uganda,  grew up in 3 different countries including Nigeria and Zambia.

In Zambia, is where he joined forces with 3 other individuals with different strengths to form Kingspirit Image Room. A company dealing in advertising, film making, photography and graphic designing.

We asked CCO Augustine Kagimu:

How did you get here?

I have had the privilege of living a life of highly contrasting circumstances and moving from some of the worst schools to some of the best in the world has taught me that life is a progression that rewards the patient, the hard working and most importantly the strategic.

I have seen my parents work hard to provide for us with very little from home to home and country to country. From having less to having more than enough. They set the standard for our lives. They really set the bar high especially when it comes to living a purposeful life.

I appreciate every single experience that has made my life because without it I wouldn’t know what I know now.

When did you first pick up a camera?

Haha…Well, I do know that I was really young;below the age of 10, I think. I never thought that it could turn into this. And I don’t think my dad knew what he was building in me when he gave me his camera every time to take pictures at our family events.Then, when I picked a camera up it was just to impress my dad, but I loved and enjoyed putting smiles on people’s faces with the pictures I took.

Photo Shoot Kingspirit Image Room

Entrepreneurs need to be creative to come up with innovative solutions to problems and develop new products or services that will set them apart from the competition.

What have been some of your best projects?

Wow, there are so many highlights all thanks to God. I would say the most recent one was our first completely international client that contacted us through our website. They googled for companies in Zambia, found us and picked us.

We did a 2 day video and commercial photo shoot for them and they were very happy with the results. We have done work for many international organizations in Zambia before but, this one was different because it was their first time in Zambia, so they based their decision on our online presence.

On Set
Kingspirt Image Room

Where would you like things to go business-wise in the next 5 years?

We are looking at international expansion, accessing a bigger international audience and expanding our offices into other countries.

We can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and also via our website.

When I picked a camera up it was just to impress my dad, but I loved and enjoyed putting smiles on people’s faces with the pictures I took.


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