Read This If you are going for a Job Interview

When going for a job interview, getting tongue-tied and giving a bad first impression is a real a possibility. Therefore, being well prepared is crucial.

For your job interview be prepared to answer these questions.

Why have you applied for this job?
This question can be answered in many different ways depending on your employment history or lack of it but the way you answer it will enable the person hiring to get a sense of whether you fall in the range of the person they are looking for or not. It is designed to allow the person hiring you to assess you and your suitability for the position.
Additionally, it enables the employer have an idea of your expectations. And whether you want the job or just “need” a job.

Why do you want to join this company?
You have to respond to this question in a way that will make you stand out because everyone is interested in this job. Your answer should be loaded with knowledge of the company and your eagerness to be a part of it. Show that you are truly excited about the company by demonstrating how well-informed you are about it.
Also, let the person hiring see your passion by telling them that your motivation every day for getting out of bed is to come into work there. Tell the person that the company is somewhere you see yourself long-term. It makes you excited and motivated to join and to grow in a place that is a good match for you.

Do you have any questions?
At the end of a job interview, the hiring manager will almost always ask, “Do you have any questions?” And your answer should always be… Yes.
If you answer no, then you will make the person interviewing think that you are not interested in the position. And worse, that you are not interested in the company you want to join.
If you have done your research, you can ask…what has changed the most about the company’s business model ( you can add in: vis-à-vis as a result of the current crisis) or what the company’s biggest concern are presently or how will this role you are applying for help the company?
The right questions will benefit you by getting the person hiring to put you on the “Call Back” list and not on the “NO” list!


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