How to Build a Loyal and Productive Team

Your business has grown and it is time to bring in some people to help you. People you are going to delegate to that will be loyal, hard-working and trustworthy.
To build that team think of this

Identify the Positions
For a while as a sole business owner you were multi-tasking and now you have the chance to delegate some tasks. Identify the positions that you want others to take over from you and write a concise job description that will clearly define your needs. Then list the specific duties as well as the skills needed for those duties.
This way when you go out looking for people-you will ask the right questions. And when you do bring in the person that fits the position you will give them the appropriate work assignments.

Choose Well
Contact the people you have on your short list (assuming you have been making a list) and ask questions. Wait for the answer and do not rush the interview. You will be surprised at what may come out when people are given the chance to talk. For example the person may inadvertently let out that they do not like travelling long distances and yet the position requires travelling long distances. So choose people that can do the job and not people that just they need a job.
When you choose the right person it will ensure that the person you bring in will be able to function at their best.

Provide the Resources
You want a job to be done well so make sure that the team has the resources they need to do the job well. Do not give assignments that will require resources and not provide those resources. So, if a delivery needs to be done, provide the means for this delivery to be done. If clients need to be contacted, provide the means by which they can be contacted. If goods need to be well secured, provide the security.
Be fair to the team by providing the resources they need to do their assignments. And be honest when you have a problem and do not undermine them.

Reward the Deserving
Yes they signed up for a certain amount of money or maybe even a few perks here and there but if a team member goes above and beyond let them know that you are paying attention by rewarding and recognizing their exceptional performance. The business may have steadily gained ground due to this person’s efforts so reward them.
If it means giving opportunities for personal advancement for that person; give them that opportunity. If it means paying for a training, pay for a training. They are after all, making your business successful so maximize their potential.


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