Making Money and Some Myths to Dispel

Venturing out on your own is quite daunting and it takes a certain kind of mindset to keep going until the money starts rolling in. However, there are a few misconceptions about how to make money and these are best dispelled now. They are:

You Just Need a Great Product or Service
Well, yes you could have a great product or service but ask yourself-will what I have sell? Is there someone out there who will pay me for what I have to offer? Also, will my offer match or beat the competition?
Having something good is not enough and maybe one of the biggest myths. A great product or service is only great until someone else comes along with the same or better. The window for what you have to offer can close very quickly because it takes time to get a business established and off the ground.
By the time you’re up and running, something better may already have been offered to the market!

Build It and They Will Come
Noah will beg to differ but seriously though, if you think that once you have the product or service to offer clients will automatically know how to come to you. You will be clutching at straws or clinging on to a myth. A myth that you must dispel right now.
You will have to get to know people around you-lots of people. And then you will have to send them information about what you do. Your best avenue is social media and the first few interactions will maybe turn out to be fun and gratifying but they will not bring in any money. However, you will be doing a very important exercise. And that is culling information on how to make your communication better, how to tell your story, how to identify other channels, how to convert strangers into clients. Clients that will come to you and pay you!
Blow your trumpet and make a noise so people will know that you are there. Go on social media and tell people what they are going to get from you. And make it easy for people to find you.

Selling First to Family and Friends is the Best Tact
Countless times you have read or been told to start with your inner circle. Your Mom, dad, aunties, sister and brothers. Uncles, aunts, grandparents and finally friends. However if this is the latest business in a long line of businesses you have started the family and friends may have ‘buyer’s fatigue’. This means that they may end up not paying you for things they get from you or may not get anything at all. Especially if they have limited funds or if they just do not like or want what you are selling.
Dispel this myth that friends and family are a good business tact because no one owes you a business. Also, after a while you will run out of family and friends to sell to. They can help you start bringing in money but they cannot continue to be your only source of income. But…do not be discouraged because if you have a great service or product and are not work shy you will be just fine. Especially if your pricing is right and the quality of work you put is good you will grow your client base.


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