Awesome Ways to Use Your Free Time

Your leave has finally started and you do not have to race to do this or that-you are free for a few weeks. Being free does not mean that you must while away the time in front of a screen.

You can:

Get To Know Your Area

It is very easy to neglect the top attractions in a town you were bred in. And you get used to watching people not from the area go about enjoying the sites that you never get around to visiting yourself. Now that you have some free time be a tourist in your own area, city, town, province and country.

Visit all the great attractions that are so to speak in your own backyard. Roam about your neighborhood, go and visit the museum, cultural village and other heritage sites that you probably have driven or walked passed countless times. If money permits go out of town and visit the local falls, lake, river, dam or wild life sanctuary or park. Or just visit relatives and friends in another town or province. Stay with them for a few days and enjoy the difference in lifestyle.

Learn about community events

Find out what are the recurring local events in your area- the foreign film festivals, concerts and pop-up markets. The weather permitting and always remembering to follow the health guide-lines spend the day walking around and enjoying what is on offer in your free month or months.

Also do not forget you are surrounded by many positive and uplifting people and all the good they do that you hear about all the time on your commute to work. So now that you are free from the daily grind. Find out more about these community concerns. Find out why people do it? When they do it? Where they do it? And how you can help…because you should help. Especially in your free time!

Get To Know Each Other

Make your leave a notification free zone. No notification sounds whatsoever! But, if you cannot completely switch off, only check your notices at pre-set times and for very short periods. Spend the time getting to know your family.

If you have a partner and no children. And if you managed to get your free time in sync then have romantic just the 2 of you days. Bubble baths and scented candles, flowers, breakfasts in bed (take turns to serve the other) go to a nice restaurant for lunch on some days and on other days stay in for dinners for two made by the two of you!

If you have children give them more of your attention and less of your orders. Switch off the TV and go outside with them. Teach them some outdoor games or let them teach you the games they know. Take some walks, kick a ball or throw it… but do have some fun with them. They will not stay this young forever!

Again: do remember as you go about exploring and visiting to keep in mind the Corona pandemic situation and to always follow the health guidelines!


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