Really Simple Ways to Pick Up a Hobby

Something happens to many people when they become adults and that is they gradually have trouble finding time to play. And because they have over time lost touch with what is fun for them the mere mention of a hobby is something really alien.

Having a hobby that you enjoy means lower levels of stress and a better quality of life and many psychological disorders are apparently best remedied with hobbies. If you do not know where to start or what to do to get a hobby here are a few things you can do:  

Put the social back in social media

Search for hobby groups or start one on line. Chess, basketball, netball, soccer, sewing, baking, metal work, wood work may have been fun at college or secondary school with all your mates around you but how many people out there are still doing things they enjoyed in their younger years?

Seek out a group that has the headline of what you are interested in and join the conversations to help you figure out how to build a hobby from there. 

Revisit the things you liked to do once upon a time before life happened

Think about childhood things that you used to enjoy before becoming the busy adult you are now. As a much younger person what did you like to do? Was it reading, writing, painting, cycling, football, basketball? Maybe the cinema was a thing for you or playing board games when there was no internet? This very thing can become a hobby.

Expand on what you enjoy doing as soon as you get home

Think about what you gravitate towards when you come home-something that relaxes you and you already enjoy spending your time doing. Maybe you like to check how the garden looks and how the veggies and flowers are doing? You could start to read up on gardening seriously and maybe join a gardening group.

Or you like soccer and are up to date on your team on the league table. Why not dig deeper and start looking for awesome and little known facts about the team you follow and share them during half time on your social feeds.

Take advantage of your children

This is pretty obvious but children love being kept busy and doing something with them will make them happy to no end.  Choose something that is age appropriate and have some fun. Try 3 a side soccer game, catching and throwing a ball, quiz nights or board game evenings. What better way is there to enjoy a hobby and at the same time share your knowledge and dexterity skills than with your young family!

Just start trying things out (and hopefully something will stick)

Finding and keeping a hobby is a tricky thing and it can test your resilience and patience but do start trying things. Play an instrument well or badly, join a 5 a side soccer team, learn how to speak Chinese. Pick something you think you will enjoy or pick something that you are already enjoying weekends.

Even if you do not get very good at what you pick-at least you will be connecting with similarly minded people in real life and in a group on line you’ll exchange ideas and get new ideas in the process!


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