Small Jobs Matter

Small jobs can be a doorway to bettering your skills and they can fill up the day and be fun.

Here are some reasons why small jobs matter

They Help with Your Skills

Small jobs help you to keep practicing your skill and are a perfect avenue to explore new skills. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we limit our job opportunities by not going out there to learn what has changed in the field we are specialized in. We stay in our comfort zone by continuing to do a certain type of job in a certain way with certain types of tools and budgets.

Many small jobs are ideal for helping with skills and are a wonderful opportunity to learn how to do things differently. And if the customer is not in a hurry and you are willing to experiment with abandon, you have an opportunity to hone the skill.

This honing in and practicing of your skill with small jobs is an essential exercise to return to again and again throughout the time that are running and growing your business. It gets you back to basics and strengthens your skills for longer bigger projects.

So, do not tell yourself and customers that you only know how to do this one specific thing. Learn how to do things differently. And be prepared to take risks.

They Help to Diversify your Portfolio

Small jobs, if they come with a side to them you do not know will help you to learn a new thing that you can add to the list of things you can offer.

Remember, since you have added one more skill you must explore new ways and tools to do it well. Painting walls with a roller and brush can move to painting with a spray gun. Painting concrete can move to painting timber or metal structures and with that the tools and skills for the job.

When you addon a new skill, learn what is needed to make this new skill bring in new business. Get a sense of the way things work around it that are money makers and begin to do them.

Always be on the look out for change as the thing you are good at now has other things that it can birth.

They Help the Business to Grow

Use small jobs to grow your business. Yes, they are not going to bring in the big money but they do or may bring in a new customer with a long list of other jobs that may fall your way. And if done well they are a good way to get the word out about your business and are often the doorways to bigger jobs.

If you do a small job well, you will more likely get another and another. And as you do not lose too much time or energy, you are placed ideally to take on more small jobs.

Unlike a big job that will take up an entire week, month or year small jobs can be better as an investment when it comes to your resources, manpower and time.

They Help To Motivate You

When you feel burned out from a big project, small jobs can be a great motivator. They can re-light the fire and help you get back into the field you like and depend on for a living.

A small job as it is not so consuming will be enough to get your blood pumping and energy flowing again but not so exhausting that it wears you down. A small job may be just what you need to reignite your passion for the long haul of your business.

When you are feeling defeated take on a small job and complete it to regain that pride and confidence, which you had before for your business.


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