Some Tips for Your Day Working

The days working can start and finish with you very busy and not noticing that you are being weighed down mentally. Until, it happens and suddenly you feel overwhelmed and hate your job.

Here are a few tips to help you not get to this point at work


This does not require you to join a gym or a boot camp although it would be good if you did. It simply means set aside that work and do some other activity. In this case physical activity like walking, running or playing a sport can improve your mental health. You will feel less tense and probably sleep better at night.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to poor mental health so do try to exercise as much as possible morning or evening.

Pay Attention

Many times we tolerate a lot of stuff that we should not and then at the  most unexpected and probably inappropriate time we react and usually badly. Pay attention to the way things are going for you and around you. Identify what or who triggers you. Then try to address the moments during your work day that make you uneasy.

Maybe you are allowing remarks that should not be made to be made or there are comments on line that trigger you. Try addressing these issues and speaking to these people who trigger you. Speak of their action and its direct impact on you and if it is a comment and blatantly untrue, ignore it. And if the person is not of any importance to you and your work, Block them!

Take a break

It could be that you are not taking a break and have the habit of working through the day. It may seem like you are dedicated and all but really you are asking for trouble. Burnout is real, and if you don’t voluntarily take a break, your body will take an involuntary one for you.

You really should take breaks when you can as your work should be built around your life not the other way around.

Do let your mental health suffer be the last thing on your to do. Let it be the first always because there will be no business or a salary when your mental health suffers.


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