Money The 7 Foolish Behaviors To Watch For

It is often said that money can neither buy happiness nor love. However, it does contribute to the health of your relationships. It can bring a lot of joy or it can bring endless misery depending on personalities. The 7 dreadful traits to watch out for are

Arrogant1. The Arrogant

 They are always reminding you that they come from money. Even though you earn just as much or maybe more than what they were used to growing up; they

really like to remind you of your underprivileged start. The arrogant have a misplaced superiority complex and do not see that they are mean and hurtful instead of your possible better half.


2. The Dictator Dictator

This person hogs the finances and wants to be the only person controlling the money and the bank account. The dictator rations or withholds money and requires that you ask for permission to spend money. Also, they will not allow you to open your own bank account and deem it an extra expense that can be avoided.


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3. The Ignorant

 They never know where their money goes. They earn a salary but have no idea where, when and why they spend their money. And they are always broke so one person carries the bill-burden. When 2 people in a relationship are both working and one seems to be clueless and always running out of money it is a cause for concern.


4.The Mercenary Mercenary

They consider themselves indispensable to the relationship i.e. you are lucky to have them and deliberately do not contribute to anything. They are just plain selfish and greedy. Such that, if they do work the income is just for them and they refuse to pay for anything but will take your money and consider it their due.


Millstone5. The Millstone

 They are always in debt and may even tie you down to debts you have no control over. Also, there is always one project or the other in the pipeline which they may be or not be open and forthcoming about but, this ‘really great’ project is subsequently a burden on your resources.


6. The Negligent  Negligent

This person earns money but will deliberately not help with bills or just pays a few and the rest of the bills are lumped on one person.  That one person pays for the majority of things and the other turns a blind eye.  Not even the children’s needs (if there are any) or their well being will open their eyes to their negligent behavior.



 7. The Oppressor                

OppressorThey say no to everything; no to spending money on self-improvement, going out to get an education or improve on an education, to attend job training and to any manner of job advancements or money making opportunities. Everything is met with a NO.


As your relationships evolve and patterns  emerge deal with things straight away especially if you recognize that one or both of you need to change (or stop lying). Keep in mind that dealing with finances is never fun but a lot of pain and strife can be avoided if you deal with things straight away.

Remember while money brings financial security your happiness and well being is the most important.



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