Good Morning World, 3 Ways to Set Yourself Up For a Successful Day

Daily we are flooded with negative views from the TV, the radio, online, in the papers, at meetings and from our very own friends and family. Bad atmospheres suck out the energy from even the best of people and may do any career or business harm because when you are stressed you may end up making the wrong decision or moving too quickly on a deal.

To insulate you from some of these negative vibes start with waking up early and immediately after waking up (make sure you wake up with ample time to spare for the commute) do these 3 things,

1. Pray and summon the day with positive words. Create a small outline for what your day is going to look like and mention all the things you will be doing for the day. Verbalize all your goals and outcomes for the day and reference specific goals, the actual schedule for the day and how you want things to turn out.

 Declare that it will be a good day; a good day for starting a new assignment, a good day to put some extra work in to please a client, a good day to drive the children to school, a good day to meet with your boss, a good day to apply for a new job, a good day to work hard and get to where you deserve.

2. Play some music from your new, old, borrowed or downloaded collection. Fill your bedroom or bathroom with uplifting and positive musical messages because music stimulates your brain. It also makes you happier, makes your mind calmer and helps you focus. So, put some music on and sing while you are getting ready for work (even if it is out of tune).

Someone once said, “A brain that engages in music is changed by engaging in music.”

3. Partake bread, porridge, sweet potatoes, left over food from the night before, it does not matter. Get some nutritious food on a plate and sit down to eat it. Do not rush around doing other things and gulping your food at the same time. Make sure you sit down and eat at a relaxed pace.

Having breakfast is very important because it is the fuel you will need to have a productive and successful day.

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Kwachalelo, be well.


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