The Message is Important in Sales

Social media has made writers out of all of us but, in business there is simply no writing that’s more important than the sales message. This sentence can make a sale or lose you a customer.

Here are a few tips that will help you write the kind of sales message that will actually help you move an opportunity forward.

Write it in your own voice

Basically, write the message the same way you talk so that when somebody reads the message, they get the feeling that you’re talking to them personally. It must read like something you would say in a real situation.

Also, when you talk, you know you use common everyday words, so do that too in your messaging. A sales pitch is not the time to pull out the Thesaurus. Just write like you speak. Use simple nouns and verbs that have a precise meaning.

Don’t Make the Customer Guess

Get to the point. Use as few words as possible and do not make a song and dance of the message. When it comes to sales messages, the fewer words the better. Be definitive about what you have to offer. Have a list of the services you provide and the goods you are selling. This can include the price and time frame for delivery.

Do note that sometimes a customer will come with a very specific ask. So, be flexible and try to accommodate clients that may require bespoke services. Try to work something out outside your usual package. Also, you do not want your potential clients to have any doubts about your seriousness or ability to deliver. And more importantly, this one customer may be the start of another service or product for your business.

Avoid making Promises

Do not promise anything. State things as they really are. Promises can be made to repeat customers occasionally as they already know and trust you. New customers however will not trust a promise from a stranger. And will view it with skepticism if not be outright suspicion of your intentions.

So avoid using “we promise”,   “we guarantee,” or “trust us”. These raise red flags and send the wrong signal to the customer. Soemtimes it says, that both you and what you are selling are not to be trusted.

Also no matter how much you want to grow your customer base, do not lie. It’s a really bad idea to start out a business relationship by telling a lie.


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