This Behavior Is Redundant at Work

The work environment can be full of pitfalls but some can be avoided if you drop certain habits because they are not serving you well such as

  1. Being Defensive when corrected

Do not assume that feedback is a threat to you. Think of it as a learning opportunity and a chance to improve. Do not slink off and sabotage an assignment, throw a tantrum or sulk. This behavior will not gain the trust and confidence of other people.

If you get feedback and take it as what it is; feedback, it shows that you understand that criticism is not about you personally but it is about making things work better.

  1. Playing the victim

Your confidence does get a knock when you are criticized but the way you act afterwards is very telling. Do not fall into the trap of feeling victimized but focus on trying to better the situation.

You are not a victim until you are a victim. Move on and bring your ‘A’ game.

  1. Making fun of others

Mocking other people or putting them down is a tactic used primarily by very insecure people. Just so they look (and feel better) but, it doesn’t work. What works is supporting others around you because this will not only make you more confident but it will also make people more confident in you.

We all value and believe in those who value us.

  1. Trying to please everyone

Did you know that people pleasers often have low self-esteem? This is because they base their worth on what other people think of them and not who they are and what they are capable of. Do not be a people pleaser because it is impossible to please everyone. And it is a total waste of your time and energy devoting yourself to making everyone like you.

In the end you are just making yourself everyone’s lackey.

  1. Thinking You have all the answers

Do not be a “search engine-on-legs”; you do not know everything. Listen to the viewpoints and ideas of others. Yes, you have great ideas but, do not think your ideas are the best or the only way to solve a problem or do something.

Embrace other people’s ideas and recognize that others have something to offer too.


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