The Right Time is now to Start Your Business

The reassurance you are waiting for to start something will not come if you do not start the process.  Things that may help you are

  1. Be honest with yourself and upfront about what you truly want. Self-examine and scrutinize what personal traits and thoughts are holding you back. Take a personal journey and learn who you truly are. Figure it out and truly embrace it. Take your time to analyze every “I can’t because…” excuse that you have because usually there is a way to overcome it.
  2. Ask for advice Ask your friends and family if they can help you in some way. Always ask for feedback on your ideas and seek out business people who can tell you how they do what they do; warts and all. If they failed sometimes, ask them why they think they failed.The probability is that the business you start will come from an opportunity you see after the conversations you have.
  3. Think about getting the essential skills. Find a local organization that offers different classes to give you a good start because your end goal is to make money. Explore as many possibilities as possible on how to accumulate a few essential skills right now. Someone is going to make a lot of money this century, why can’t that someone be you?
  4. Stop applying for jobs you are not passionate about and accepting a salary that is beneath you. Take a look at what is around you, what you are passionate about and what you are good at. Explore the possibilities of making a living with what you already know to do very well.
  5. Stop thinking about your age If you are young, do not get seduced by the, “I am doing okay or better than most at my age”.  If you are categorized as generation X or Y (or any letter or phrase that defines how old you are), forget that.  Whatever age, be motivated and use your wisdom; no one will fault you for making money and making a success of your life.

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