4 Impressive and Must have Work Traits

On occasion at work you will get guidance and be told how things should be done to get results and other times you will be left to your own devices and using the knowledge and skill you have acquired to get the job done.

At all times these 4 things will impress and be noticeable at work

  1. Honesty

There is nothing wrong with not knowing something but everything wrong with lying. The saying ‘fake it until you make it’ is rather bad advice and seriously will hurt your career. So do not be dishonest; speak only about what you know. Don’t lie or pretend to know something you don’t and do admit it when you don’t know something.

When in doubt or in the dark ask others or give yourself time to find the right information.

  1. Focus

Do not waste time and energy on the little things that will not move your work forward. Figure out what’s really useful and meaningful and what will lead to the successful execution of a task. Getting bogged down by too many or rather mundane and small details is a sure way to appear disorganized or unready. So chuck out what isn’t necessary and make the best choice you can with the information you have and move forward with it.

Focus on the one thing that will make everything else easier and ignore all the stuff that is just a distraction.

  1. Courtesy

Be courteous and keep the green-eyed monster at bay; do not be jealous of others and their successes because it will only make you look intimidated or threatened by other people’s capabilities. Everyone suffers from the same insecurities but instead of comparing with other people and feeling jealous or envious, recognize what they have and be complimentary.

Learn from the other person’s good traits. Not only learn to do what they do but learn to do it well.

  1. Diligence

Just because you are good at your work and are usually praised at work doesn’t mean you must become laid-back. A lax and languid approach does not always go down well with customers and superiors.  Be diligent, hardworking, conscientious and thorough. However, do not become a workaholic and spend all your time at work because if you are not careful you will have no energy left for other things; like spending time with your family, enjoying the soccer, reading, dancing, or just sitting quietly and enjoying your own company.

Being diligent or energetic also requires that you take care of yourself.


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