Yes You Can….

“We are creatures of habit” does sound rather like there is no way out and there is nothing you can do about everything you think, say and do. But, it is possible to rethink or change the way you do some things. Like

  1. Planning For Your Retirement

If you think retirement is not what you should be thinking of now as it is something you do not have to worry about at this point in your work life; you would be wrong. Change this attitude because retirement can change your life in a very drastic way. Ever hear the stories of people who did not make it 2 years into their retirement? Well, they are true. Do not ignore the future but prepare for it now. You can make plans for your retirement now.

You might choose to retire early and start a business or you can start a business now before you retire. Or, if you have a hobby start looking at ways you can transform it into a profitable one. Who knows this might even become a full time business and you can walk away from formal employment sooner than later or expand your existing business if you are self-employed.

Start supplementing your regular income by using an idea you have been toying with for a while.

  1. Supplementing Your Income

Drop the thinking that your regular job has to be your only source of income. Relying on one source of income is a very imprudent thing to do. Supplement your regular income with a side gig. Like what? You ask.

Well, there is an idea for a money making venture in all of us. Start exploring your passions and your strengths. Can they be put to money making use? Draw your idea out but, if you have a regular job; you must find a low risk way of making more money. And yes there must be demand for what you can offer but do not be afraid to create the demand. Remind yourself of the person who had the idea to put red nail polish on the underside of a stiletto…what did that idea get for him?

Anything no matter how far fetched can be a good idea and with time, lucrative.



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