5 Things You Were Reminded To Do Growing Up That Still Hold Today

There are some things you heard from adults constantly and never put a thought to that are really helpful in your adult life now. The 5 things you were told time and time again are

  1. Smile

A simple smile can be such an enormous help when it comes to getting things done or diffusing a volatile situation so it is one of the best habits to have. Smiling can change your mood and can make you happy even when you are not. If you smile you will also help other people feel better because a smile changes your demeanor and appearance; actually making your look appealing.

When you smile, people treat you differently; better usually.

  1. Make Friends.

Although most adults and parents spent much of their time worrying about who you were with when you were a teenager they did like that you had friends.

Those teenage relationships were a training ground for your work life now because as you know in order to succeed you need to reach out to others.

Who you make friends with is extremely important still today even though it is called by another name; networking.

  1. Help

If you make it a priority to help others whether co-workers or customers in some capacity, you’ll feel better about it. Even if it’s just a little, you will be happier, more committed and less likely to quit.

So in your quest to achieve and succeed, do not forget about others because it seems that it’s the people in this world that contribute the most value to others that end up achieving the greatest success.

  1. Try Again

Yes, it did not work the first time and you were even laughed at but do not get paralyzed by fear. Try again!

  1. Say Thankyou

Showing gratitude is a simple thing to do yet it is easy to forget especially when you are focusing on what you do not have. Say thank you, for what you have now. This will shift your attention towards what you have received rather than what you do not have.

Take pleasure in the opportunity you have to make a living and do not take it for granted. Also, enjoy the experience- it’s not always about achievement and success.



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