Tips to Managing Work life While Staying at Home

While the idea of being at home sounds like a ‘Staycation’ it can become difficult when partners, children and other dependents are at home all day too while you are working.
To manage your work life:

Change as little as possible in the daily schedule
Get ready as you would normally do when you leave for work. Get up at the normal early hour and wash and dress for work. Whether your work has you on their office network or not. Whether you work from home in a separate part of the house or whether you work in a work shop on the other side of town. Be professional and get on with it just as though you are not home.

Mark out your work space
Occasionally, the lack of work space will strain the relationships at home but do not be shy to mark out your work territory. Be it at the dining room table, on the veranda, in the garage, at the only desk-top in the house or being first to use the shared internet bundles. Be clear when and at what times you need to have that space.
Being at home and not at your normal work location does mean that other people will assume you have time and resources to spend with them. Make it clear that you are working and mark out your work space. Then communicate this to all concerned.

Be aware of family dynamics
If the whole family is home it means that there will be some power plays, tension and conflict. Be sensitive to family dynamics and learn to manage them. Some kids are more demanding than usual when both parents are home or a normally dependable dependent will suddenly become negligent. You are at home after all!
Quickly learn the family dynamics so you can have a handle on or put a stop to any possible trouble spots before they become very annoying, time wasting and a damper on your work day.

Don’t forget children’s activities
The children being at home means that your time will be in demand. To ensure that you can maximize on the time available at home, organize the children.
Let them have proper home-work, be it academic or manual work in and around the house (depending on their ages). As long as the work is something they can do without a strain on their young and growing bodies. Remember too that even if they do not do it as well as you they can and you should let them help you. Children like it when they can help adults.
Do not forget to thank them, praise them and encourage them for the work done!

Do not put your business/work above all else
Business or career success should not come at the cost of your health, relationships or children. Prioritize highly, your personal life, health and relationships. If you can and have a reliable person- outsource tasks. If you can-ask to be excused from a work thing and if you can-refuse more orders!
Spend time doing something that will move you forward personally and financially but not at the expense of your physical and emotional health!


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