This is How To Shield Yourself from On-Line Sales Snares

Our shopping habits are changing from bricks and mortar to virtual and plastic so it is well worth your while to protect yourself from the many online dangers or snares.

To protect yourself

Learn to navigate the online space

As you change your shopping and business habits to make life easier for you learn about the online scams and traps that are out there. Many services exist to help you save money, time and offer you a variety of products but there are many dangers too. You may lose money, get a bogus product, not get anything at all or you might even be duped to spend more than you planned to.

Pay attention when you are looking for deals as a deal or final sale tag may NOT get you a good deal. The sale price or percentage discount tag doesn’t always mean the final price. This is because some retailers will not give you a heads up about the taxes or delivery charges. So before you click to pay make sure the mark down price is the final price you are ready to pay.

Or you may come across an ad for an item and click on the ad and it may take you to a website where you can shop but after you put in your details the only thing that happens is that at the other end they have gotten your personal and banking information and have left. Leaving you in a panic and with no items.

Research Deals

Research too-good-to-be true deals by looking out for what the item is selling for at other sites or outlets. This way you will have the chance to pick out any deal that looks shady or you can confirm if the deal is legitimate.

By doing your own research and comparing websites and retailers you will get a sense of the average cost of a product and how widely available it is in the marketplace. Price comparison gives you the best chance to figure out if a deal is legitimate or just an attempt to lure you paying for a product or service that doesn’t exist.

If you do not research you could over-pay for an item you really need or be the target of an online criminal that is aiming to scam you with a fake deal or discount.

Avoid subscribing to too many alerts

No one wants to miss out on a great deal but the desire not to miss out on a good deal means that you are inundated by alerts. Just because you do not want to miss out on a good deal you choose to subscribe to every email list BUT this is not always a good idea. This is because sometimes the service you are subscribing to may also be hacked and your email address may fall into the wrong hands. And before you know it-your alert tone is pinging like crazy with offers to products or services that you do not want or are that are not even relevant for you.

Remember promotions have a short shelf-life and there will most likely be another one in the in-box. Sign up for alerts ONLY when you’re in the market for something specific or are looking for a service or product that is relevant to your lifestyle!


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