3 Good Things about Staying at Home

Whether by choice or because of severe restrictions due to a deadly pandemic there are some positive things about staying at home alone or with your family.

You can enjoy the simple
The fast pace of life now can be very negative and stifle the natural flow of ever day life. Staying at home more is one very simple way that can lead us back to enjoying the simple things again. Often things that we do in a robotic manner have a negative connotation as they become a signal to us that we will be late for something or should be somewhere else. Yet it’s amazing how such a simple thing as preparing a hot bowl of porridge can make your morning. The rush is not there and your thoughts bubble away as the porridge bubbles up. And the pleasure of sitting at the table to eat the porridge alone or with family (a long forgotten habit in many a family) is simply satisfying.
Enjoy having nowhere to go- get into your at home clothes, sit down indoors or outdoors and let the day unfold and make the most of all your alone time.

You can let loose and learn
The rigid adult life with its schedules and rigid ways of doing things tends to limit the natural flow of curiosity that we are born with. And as time goes by we begin to self-censor ourselves and not let our curiosity push us to ask questions, learn an alternative way of doing something or admit we do not know how to do something. Even “doing it yourself” seems to be embarrassing and has negative connotations. Well, now is the time to go ahead and learn to do that thing you would like to do with no care of what other people will think. Be it cooking a complicated or simple meal, fixing a bicycle, painting your own walls or doing the gardening. Push the adult ego that has taken over aside and learn to do some of the stuff you pay other people to do.
Now, with the obligatory time you have to spend at home is the perfect time to let go and let loose. Shake off your embarrassment around admitting that there is something you do not know how to do and go ahead and learn how to do it.

You have the control
At home you are in a familiar environment and are in charge therefore you can control your actions. There are no deadlines, no files to work on, no clients to please and no time pressures. With this in mind disengage from the constant barrage of notifications on social media which are more likely than not to elevate or maintain stress. Give yourself permission to ignore the constant barrage of trivial information.
Keep your immune system strong by Exercising, eating well, getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water to help remove toxins in the body.

Enjoy your stay at home.


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