What Comes First the Job or the Side Hustle and Does it Matter

Do you wait to be employed or do you start the side thing? This is an even more important question now that jobs are hard to find. Frankly these days having steady employment is not necessary to start a side thing? And this is why

You might find you like it and are good at it

You can choose to do something you were trained for-say you trained in purchasing and supplying you could start buying and selling items that you know will sell in your locality. Or you can do something totally different from your training-like drive your friends to their homes from events at a fee.

Whatever you do choose it may well be possible that you end up really liking it and may end up becoming very good at it. And before you know it-you have gone 6 months without writing a single application and you are making money!

You will be well prepared

By the time your friends get to grips with the fact that their salary is not cutting it and they need to start a side hustle you will be streets ahead of your friends in your side hustle business. And when you do get that coveted job; the extra money will be seed for another line of business or to expand.

You could use it to pay for licenses, trading permits, equipment and supplies that you need to expand your business. Or you could hire someone to mind your business when you are at your other job in the office.

Doing something is important for your emotional well-being

Anyone who has ever been unemployed for very long can tell you how disheartening, demoralizing, and discouraging it is to be out of work. The low spirits aside, there is the isolation you will feel being cooped up at home day in and day out (writing and re-writing application letters).

When you have trouble securing work (which most people do) it does take a real toll on your self-esteem. And it is a real mood spoiler especially when you go out with friends (that have just knocked off from work) because you will feel like such a loser when you tell people you still have not found a job.

When you have a money-making venture and are busy growing it: you will feel very good!

You can take advantage of living rent-free

Living rent free means that any money you make with a side hustle will be for you to do with what you want. You do not have to worry about rent, you can buy groceries or not and you can save money or not before you move out.

While it may be an irritant to do your business in the living room or the kitchen table; the rest of the family will not object (depending on what you choose to do) and not begrudge you the chance to make a little money.

Your time on-line will be well spent

As you were spending a lot of time on line keeping up with what everyone else is doing (with a little envy) it will be satisfying to know that you are spending your time to talk to new clients.

Instead of idle chatter and following up with something bigger and better for your friends to like and comment sweetly about; you can use your social media time to showcase your work, list your services and prices, and post testimonials from satisfied clients.


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