Here Are 2 Reasons for Having a Hobby

If you don’t actually have a hobby you enjoy, you are not alone because many adults regard a hobby as something young people do to while away time (or not get in the way of adults). For many people the-what is your hobby question is usually the reserve of a prominent and successful person to end an interview on a light note.

In a nutshell plenty of people don’t have or don’t see the reason why they must have a hobby but it does matter to find a hobby you truly enjoy and this is why,

  • You Will Work Better  

It is no accident that the moments when the best ideas or breakthrough solutions come to many people are not when they are struggling hard to find them but when they are not thinking about them. Away from work when reading a funny book, running, playing with a child, or just driving home-suddenly there it is! The great idea or the solution to the problem left lying on the desk or work shop floor. This happens because there is a link between play and innovation as the same pathway that the brain takes to induce pleasure is also the same pathway responsible for planning, responsibility, prioritizing, motivation and more.

Also, the idea that what you are going to do is something different from your work life will automatically make you feel better. And when you feel better, you increase your focus and you function better!

  • There Will Be A Lot Of ‘New’

In order to develop a hobby, you have to learn how to do something that is brand new to you. With the advent of the internet you will find yourself looking up, comparing or trying to find all the news you can about your hobby. Inevitably, you will begin to increases your knowledge no matter what type of hobby you choose as you will definitely be exposed to new ideas, new opinions and to new ways to look at life.

Even if you rehash an old hobby or do something you already know about; you will still learn some new skills. Things like how to organize an event around your hobby, how to start a club or league, how to run the club or league, how to fundraise, etc… these all translate into skills you can or maybe will be called upon to use at work.

Along with being exposed to new ideas and acquiring new skills you will meet new people because most hobbies can be frequently enjoyed with other people. Whether you join a club, play in a league, or just take part in activities at your child’s school that are linked to your hobby- a hobby is a great doorway to meeting new people.


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