When you get Home from Work, Try This

After working the whole day, the getting back home is quite tiring, in itself. The packing up, locking up and getting on public transport or driving home can be stressful.

So once home depending on the distance and the wait time in queues and traffic, all you can think of is sitting down and doing nothing. Don’t, as the fact is that we do not switch off as easily as that and as quickly as we would like to.

Sitting down and doing nothing will more likely just keep everything swirling in your head so, try this

Talk to someone

If you live alone, call a friend. Indulge in some small talk. Make the chat as irrelevant as possible. It is a good way to unwind after work as it is unrelated to the day you had and if you are exchanging talk about your favourite TV show the escapades of the hero or heroine will distract and help you relax.

Talking to someone is one of the most efficient ways of relieving stress. If you have a favorite person or if you have a partner, are married, being with them will relieve you of the stress and negativity.

Physical contact makes the body to release relaxation hormones. A simple thing such as a hug, holding hands or just sitting next to each other can do the trick.

Talking to or spending time with a loved one helps you to shift your focus and better your mood.

Go outside

You have been in a confined atmosphere all day, whether it was indoors or outdoors. Home is your domain. So go out and see what is happening. Look around where you are and take it all in. This can help you clarify your day and why you do what you do every day.

This outside moment will give you a chance to understand why you do the work you are doing. Outside is a good way to get in touch with your reality.

Indulge yourself

You were indulging others all day, so now it’s your turn. What indulgence do you afford you? Whatever it is, just do it.

If it is entertaining, educating and can also reduce your stress levels and get your mind off any work-related tension. Do it. It could be as simple as a bath or shower, too because water has the ability to relax and wash away any tension. Water, warm or cold is quite an effective way of relaxing after having a long day at work.

Taking a warm bath or hot shower after work can help calm you. However, we all know that water, hot or cold is a scarce commodity and a luxury for many. So, while bathing is recommended, try to be prudent with the amount of water in the tub. Or, if you have a shower, have a quick one.

Set boundaries

Make sure that your phone is off as soon as your shift ends. Set boundaries by leaving work at work and focusing on your home life once you end your day. Doing this can help you avoid distracting messages that may encourage or guilt you into working after hours.

Also and very important, stay off your phone before bed. This can help you sleep better and give your eyes a break from staring at screens all day.


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