Your Online Reach Musts

The hours spent online can for some offer an opportunity to make money. This is because many companies and sole traders are turning to individuals with a large following on their social media platforms to showcase their products or services.

If you are thinking of offering your handle to a business here are a few things you must keep an eye on

Your Style

People will watch to see your style. How you communicate, how you interact with other people and how you build relationships and gather followers online. This interaction can be very relevant if you want to be approached because the way you look and communicate matters to people that want to do business with you. And it gives them an idea of whether to approach you or not.

Also, if you approach them first, they will always check and see your style and how widely accepted it is. If your style translates into more followers, does make sales or spreads the word about an event, product or service you are in a good position.

Note, even though your style may be acceptable to many of your followers, sometimes it may not auger well with some businesses as it does not align with their values. This does not mean that you will not succeed. It just means that you may have to work harder than others to get gigs as your style may not match or is align with as many businesses, organization or individuals.

Your portfolio

Your reach and range is very important so how often do you give a little background on yourself? Examples and little snippets of your business history or information on companies and individuals you have done work with helps others decide. This collection of past work can be presented in a fact sheet and made downloadable.

Fill the downloadable with as much relevant and helpful information as possible. Like a list of reviews, some worthwhile achievements, your contact information, links to other social media pages you are one and a current price list of your services.

Apart from past work, you can also talk about specific things about you, upload and share photos of your work and any future assignments. It does not matter whether they are paid or not because they will highlight your range and skills and marketing skill is what you are selling.

Your Do’s and Don’ts

Do have a contract. A contract will show how serious you are and will speed things along. Especially when it comes to getting paid. Also, when you prepare the contract, make it possible to adapt according to client and make sure to know what the standard contracts are like especially ones your competition is using.

Do be aware of the platforms your competition uses and the information they are sharing and offers they make. Take note of approaches you think are effective or not, and use that information to strengthen your efforts.

Do engage and interact as much as possible so that you can create new opportunities every chance you get online.

Do invite customers to share suggestions, comments and feedback, and then respond quickly and professionally to all you receive.

Do admit it when you make mistakes and make things right, if you can. Responding to the bad moments is a very important part of having a strong online presence. As is being professional when handling tough situations.

Don’t be defensive. Learn from your customers and recognize that bad moments are opportunities to do things differently next time. Your customers will appreciate the honesty and you will end up building your credibility in the process.

Don’t shun trying new things or being creative in the ways you reach your customers with your online content.

Don’t copy and offer your customers something that your competitor is offering without making it your own. Be imaginative and think up ways to make the usual offers unusual.


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