3 Good Things to Do Before You Leave Your Present Job

You have tried and tried, but you are simply not happy in your job. The next step you take is to find another. Before you walk out of the present job here are 3 good ways to exist.

Give Notice 
Your issues with the present job are what are causing you to leave but it is not fair to cause your employer more upheaval by leaving at short notice. Plan your exit in such a way that you give the person enough time to find someone else or make suitable plans. Do not catch them unaware; be nice as this person gave you the job in the first place (probably as a novice or when you desperately needed a job)
A really nice thing to do is for you to sit down with them formally and announce your intentions. And while you are at it, be truthful and polite.

Be Nice
Don’t be going around boasting and antagonizing the “remainees”. It’s not a good look, and it makes you look vengeful, selfish and destructive. Work as usual if you are still around after you have given notice. Laying back and suddenly developing a lazy bone is just not acceptable and you can be sure that everyone who counts will remember it.
Also, don’t dangle the possibility of your staying for a counter-offer if you have no intentions of staying. All you are doing is having your ego stroked but is also being mean-spirited.

Be Available
While the boss might have accepted to let you go at a certain date or maybe immediately you know that you are going to leave a knowledge gap. So be available for a smooth handover of files, passwords and projects. And finish what you can of your current “to do” list. It is a really nice thing to do for the customer and for your employer as leaving the clients and the employer high and dry is really bad service. So be available to close as many of your projects as you can. And thank everyone who helps you.
When you leave with such a positive attitude it will not be forgotten. Especially when it comes to a reference letter or if you want to come back in the future. Basically…DO NOT BURN YOUR BRIDGES.


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