Before You Walk Out for Good

Jobs and good contracts are hard to come by it is often said but, sometimes this very ominous reason may be the only motive to stay and is probably making you stressed and unhappy.

Whether you like the job or not, whether it is a bridge to something else or whether it was all you could get do this before you start feeling trapped or quit

Compare Notes

Go to the person you answer to and compare what they expect you to be doing and compare that with what you are doing. Also, compare what other people in your department or section are doing and see if their tasks, their performance, their speed is comparable or better than yours. Then make the necessary changes. If you are performing below par, do not be afraid to ask for help where you need it. This might just be the information you need to turn things around for you.

Just do it

Do the work in tandem with the terms of reference, the job description or as per the day’s instructions. Sometimes you can work yourself into a position that was not called for in the first place just by not following orders. Not to say that you cannot be proactive but that sometimes straying from the script can bring a lot of stress and unhappiness. So check what you are meant to be doing and do just that and do it well.

Ask to Move 

If you feel that you are being left out, are being isolated where you are or that you have a poor relationship with your supervisor or office mates ask to be moved; to another department, section or project. This change may just be the thing you need.  In the same vein, if you feel you have outlived your usefulness in a particular section and have attained some skills over time that may not be compatible with the position you are in now; apply for a position relevant to your skills or ask to be included in projects that match your skills.

Expand your repertoire

Take every chance for career progression by reading up and following trends and courses in your field. Model yourself on someone higher up in the chain and take every opportunity to pick their brain. Do not be afraid or too proud to tell them they are someone you admire and look up to and that you would be honored to be able to spend some time with someone such as themselves. There is no shame in being led by the hand by someone who is more skilled and knowledgeable.  Really, it is a very intelligent move and it is akin to being mentored.

Re-apply yourself

Re apply yourself; go back to when you first saw the description of the work to be done, the position to be occupied and remember how you got all fired up and excited,

“This is me.” You may have said to yourself.

I can do this. I am the motivated, skilled, qualified, dynamic, and able to work with minimal supervision individual they are looking for.

Be that person again.


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