Questions to Dominic Mboo “The Lozi Guy”

Building your brand, your network and increasing the number of followers’ takes time and consistency. And is about spending time creating genuine bonds and connections with people and creating an experience that people enjoy. Dominic Mboo has done just that with The Lozi Guy.

We asked

1. Please tell us a about The Lozi Guy. How did it start?

It started as a joke on twitter, one South African friend asked me what tribe I am and I said Lozi, he used to call me lozi guy after that.

2. What made you choose to use ‘The Lozi guy’ and when and where did you use it first?

Twitter again, back in 2018, I just thought it would fit perfectly since my tribe is “lozi”. So, I owned it and started calling myself “The Lozi Guy”, easy to recognize and it has since worked perfectly well on all my platforms.

 3.Why did you decide to do Follow Trains?

I remember very well how I had difficulties in getting followers on twitter in the beginning. I thought since I have a substantial following, it won’t hurt to help others build their social media presence.

4. What do you like about your work/business?

It’s fun, I enjoy it much, and it’s like getting paid to do what you love.

 5. What is a typical day like?

On my laptop, working on something new, reading something new, moving from one place to another for meetings. On somedays it gets super busy that I don’t even have time for my phone.

6. What do you enjoy?

Interacting with my followers, eating apples (very important lol), working with different brands, texting my girlfriend, trolling single people lol.

7. What do you not enjoy?

Feeling low, slow/no internet (this one is the worst), a weekend without watching football or formula 1. I get sick

8. What advice do you have for a new person on social media (or someone moving from one platform they were used to, to another they are not)

Be yourself, be real, understanding how the platform works and make some friends, you’ll fit in perfectly well.
Dominic Mboo

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