3 Types or Worker we Might or Might Not Become

We all grow up.

And change into different types of people. The make-up and complexity of the change and the way we get there is however never the same.

However, almost always the 3 types of worker we end up becoming as adults are:

Work Boss

The top is always what we aim for. For ourselves and our children. Prince, Princess, King or Queen the boss scenario is all fine and good and so boosting. However, the reality is far from this, as the world is not an Aladdin’s cave with unlimited opportunities.

Much as this scenario of being owner of a kingdom is ok and the best, it is now also becoming frighteningly over-used. This approach may and does back fire. Especially if it starts with overly supportive and unrealistic parents. Add and backed up by teachers at primary schools, colleges and universities that tell us; in an all too casual manner that we and our children can be anything we want to be.

The reality is…..while people of any age may become the “boss”, they will have many masters. The customers, the regulators, maybe investors or business partners and depending on size, their employees. Add, the financial, physical, mental, and familial sacrifices and the reality is not as regal as it sounds despite being very easy to put into words and plant as an idea into the heads of children or young adults.

The truth is…some of us will not be able to face all of this recurring pressure. So, to avoid future problems and social pressures to deliver. Telling the truth is best here. Truth being, not every child, including mine yours and the other fellows, is built to be King or Queen of anything. And therefore should and can seek regular employment.

So the advice here is to, support, encourage and nudge them in that direction.

Work Employee

Much as we all like the idea of being the big boss, many of us do understand that not everyone can be the boss. Many do realise and understand that much as being a Prince, Princess, King or Queen of a kingdom is ideal, it is misleading to cling to it and so become employees. And are happy for choosing to be.

Being an employee, however, does not mean you avoid work or do the minimum needed to keep you in employ. An employee is employed to work and must put in the prescribed hours or complete the project. Too many a time people become complacent and just ride the wave until they retire. Also, it is not because the business or company is not yours that you do not give it your best. The “It is not mine.” attitude, is wrong.

Being an employee does not mean that you give the project or place you work at, less. And this approach may back fire and you can get fired.

So the advice here is that you should always give your best where ever you are.

Work Creator

Sometimes, people walk into work situations with learned behavior or because they have been subject to overly critical parents or bully teachers at primary schools, colleges and universities. Telling too many times young people that they will only amount to a certain level is damaging. And, here it is well worth noting that sometimes people do reach heights no one believed or told them they would.

There are people that defy the odds. They are fearless and undaunted in the face of whatever obstacles lay before them. Sometimes wrong, but never in doubt these people will not be sitting and sulking sadly on the sidelines. As it is just not in their DNA. The lack of lack of opportunities or even being born in humble circumstances does not discourage them. And they forge ahead becoming bosses, building new businesses and leading in new ways.

The advice here is to support and encourage these creators, makers, and business builders in every possible way. And to not make assumptions and generalizing but to encourage those that are different and want different to be different.


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