5 Great Home Habits to Carry to Work

You will already know that interacting with other people at work is very different from interacting with your friends or your family at home. However, there are some really good home habits that you can pinch and take with you to work.

These are

  1. Being respectful

This is one thing you have at home for your parents, aunts, uncles and older siblings so carry that with you to work. The other people in your work environment are not related to you but the respectful behavior you have learned at home will be appreciated at work.

  1. Being honest

Remember your mother shouting?  “Who broke this glass?” and there was no real moment of silence because it was you, and you owned up. Despite the uncomfortable and maybe embarrassing moment, you owned up and were honest. Do the same at work.

  1. Having empathy

It makes a huge difference to have true empathy, especially when you’re in the middle of an argument either with a customer or a colleague. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and defuse the situation; your empathy will be much appreciated.

  1. Listening

“Are you listening to me?” is asked to a child more times than any other question overtime but, even if you will rarely hear this shouted at you at work do not make people wait their turn to say what’s on their mind. Listen to other people and let them talk. Be slow to speak and quick to listen and please put away the phone and stop whatsapping while other people are talking.

  1. Laughing

There is no better way to give comfort to a crying child than to dole out a cuddle or make them laugh. The same goes for an adult; well the laughter part at least. Laughter is part of a healthy work environment and is really good for social bonding. Choose to find humor in situations and laugh out loud about them. Laughing not only lightens your mood it also inhibits stress hormones and lowers blood pressure.


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