The Short When and Why Kate Mwendafilumba Started Rustik Krafts

I am not exactly sure I can pin point an exact time when I knew that I am a creative because

I have always been intrigued by people who work with their hands and are able to create amazing pieces. Pieces that show creativity, good quality and the effort put in will have my money any day. 

For a while I used my creativity to help other people develop their own ideas and did not push my own ideas.

But then after helping a friend with an idea with a discarded pallet I did realize I could use my creativity to start making some money.

So I set out to work on making my imagination work for me to my full potential.

I must say my close family and friends where excited and intrigued and still to this day continue to be by asking “What are you making?” or “how did you think of that?”  Or simply watch me with a look that says,

“I wonder what she will make.”

Some people did not believe that I could actually pull off making something but, well I did.

I mainly use refurbished horse shoes and also off cuts of wood for my work. The combination gives my crafts that rustic look that I feel is unique and describes what Rustic Kratfs is about.

I would love to see my business grow big with more products and to be able to supply a few hotels, lodges and restaurants.


For more details about my work and how to get in touch with me simply go to and follow me on the Facebook page Rustikrafts.

Be committed to providing exceptional service and delivering the best possible results.


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