5 Great Tips for Your Weekend

If you believe you are “just spending time” each weekend then you should seriously think about changing what you do with your time.

Time is a finite resource in your life that should be spent in a way that will contribute toward a sense of fulfillment.

1. Get Off Your Bed

The weekend may be here but that does not mean that you must spend it in your bedroom. Unless you are cleaning or having a romantic moment, get up and out of your bedroom.

Do not while away the day and allow it to unfold before you with no engagement from you. Have a sense of positive anticipation for the day. Fill it with some energizing activity rather than while it away.

Inertia will result in nothing and nothing is the result you will get.

2. Be Engaged

Make a decision to be engaged with the people around you; your family, your friends or your neighbor. However, by engaging with the people around you it does not mean giving them tasks and barking orders at them and then isolating yourself.

Yes, you might have spent the whole week giving or taking orders at work but you are at home now; stay with the person and be social. Relax, and engage with the people around you and do not wall yourself off.

3. Be Positive

Focus on making the free time you have a happy one. The more positive you feel about your day the better your day will be. Even if you have to be on top of things at home offer constructive opinion because you are more likely to stay engaged if you focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Resist the urge to recriminate and show rather than suggest how you would like a task to be done. Nothing tells the other person that you care than showing them how to do something more efficiently or the way you would like it done.

4. Try Something New

Change the way you spend the weekend by trying something new. Learn to cook a dish, or just to cook if you never cook. Learn to play a board game, learn why your child likes a particular computer game, why your partner likes the soccer team they follow or how to grow vegetables in a container or the small patch of land you have in the back of your yard.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something you have not been open to in the past and try not to view it as yet another thing you have to do. Who knows you might find that you do like it and it might bring some welcome pleasure into your weekends.

5. Choose Your Company Well

If you choose to spend your weekend in the company of others choose this company well. Do not just go along with the “in crowd” or the first person that rocks up at your door step.

Some people, even though they seem to be an encyclopedia of fun things to do over the weekend- should be avoided. This is even more important if they spend the time moaning and being negative and the fun evening turns out to be more about stress and strife rather than letting go and having some fun.

These people are to be avoided at all costs because your free time is really precious. Spend time with positive, constructive, successful and enthusiastic people.


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