5 Things To Do No Matter The Time Of Year


To Do

  • Be Green

Do not throw rubbish from your car or bus window, keep your work and home surrounding clean, pick up litter even if you did not throw it, take part in local clean up events, plant trees, recycle, carry a basket or other reusable bag to the shops and refuse the shop plastic ones.

Use public transport as much as possible, car pool, join fitness or outdoor activity groups or take part in fun/d runs or walks.

Park the car a short distance from your office and walk the rest of the way some days. Take the stairs instead of the lift coming down.

  • Listen to your body

Pay attention when you feel there is something not quite right or when you are feeling sick. Visit your doctor or a health facility to make sure and take the prescribed medicine or advice.

Also, be aware that too much work and over time can affect your sleep, give you headaches, make you moody, give you aplasia (hair loss), give you an ulcer, increase your blood pressure and lessen your ability to recall important information.

It may be admirable to be the one that gets things done but don’t get trapped into others making you think you are indispensable. This self-neglect will affect your health and your overall performance eventually so look after yourself.

  • Improve your position on the social scale

Greet people, Support local businesses, go to the local markets, hire young people  for simple or odd jobs, make friends with someone with a different background, participate in local events that have people from all walks of life,  attend parties you are invited to. Meet and get to know your child’s teachers, attend PTA meetings and school events support a cause, support the schools you attended, join an association.

Turn the TV off and go around to chat with your neighbor, keep abreast of local events, neighborhood-watch.

Acknowledge the work done by a civil servant with a thank you, register as a voter, donate blood or volunteer.

  • Be Family oriented

Talk to your partner about their day, talk to your child about their day, teach your parents or grandparents how to use a smart phone, record your parent’s recollections and pass them on to your children.

Teach your child games that you played as a child that do not require a switch, organize a party for only family members.

Be tourists and visit local historic areas, museums, theatres, art exhibitions, game parks and lodges or simply take some family photos at famous landmarks.

  • Be Responsible.

It is easy to find excuses when things go wrong but, this will not solve the problem. Everybody makes mistakes and so when you do, take responsibility for it.

If you admit to something as soon as possible then chances are that the situation will be resolved just as quickly.

Being responsible also means that you should not take things personally and accept criticism; usually it is constructive and for your benefit.


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