Money 7 Easy Ways to Manage

Achieving a financial dream is much like achieving any other dream in that it requires you to make decisions, take the needed steps and follow through to ensure you reach the desired goal. Here are a few things that it is never too late to start with that may help

  1. Set up a direct debit account (DDAC) if you are a regular income earner. The direct debit is good for things like rent, anything on lay-bye or items that need to be paid in instalments. Paying in time or before time means you avoid unnecessary penalties. Remember too that some companies and individuals are very open to helping their customers with payment plans, so approach them for a plan; if the need arises. Then pay the bills as prescribed; do not skip a payment or leave it too late.
  2. Switch off the lights when not necessary; inside and outside your home. Replace ordinary bulbs with energy saving bulbs one room at a time until you have done all the rooms. Switch off the T.V. if no one is watching it, iron in one sitting for the work week and not every morning. And have one time of the day when everyone is around to have your baths then SWITCH OFF THE GEYSER when everyone has had their bath.
  3. Service your car regularly and do not wait for something to happen before you take it to a garage or call a mechanic. An annual or regular service is far, far cheaper than a huge repair later on.
  4. Shop with a list so that you will only buy the things you need. It may sound rather tedious or unnecessary but a shopping list not only helps you remember what you need to buy but it also helps to remind you how much money you should spend.
  5. Leave the debit card at home and only use it at an ATM (your bank’s) to make cash withdrawals just before the shopping day. This way any over spending will be deterred as the cash in hand will act as a reminder of your intentions and that you should spend a certain amount and only that amount.
  6. Eat something before you go to the supermarket as shopping on an empty stomach will make you buy more than you planned to. The gnawing hunger will lead you to the food counter faster than you know and the next thing you are buying fried or smoked something or the other with just  ‘a little bit’ of  chips.
  7. Be vigilant, as you pick up items. The 8.99 is not 8 it is 9. The special offer on tomato sauce is not for all brands of tomato sauce. Check and double check which items are actually on offer. Also, the big sign saying 5.99 or whatever number on a fluorescent paper does not necessarily mean the price has been reduced. Check the normal sticker on the shelf and see if it is a reduction, if not, wait for the ‘real’ special offers if you do not need the item.

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