8 Reasons to Exit Your Job ASAP

You have a job and are fond of the people you work with so it does not cross your mind to quit.

Here are 8 reasons why you should

1. The Money is Inadequate
No matter how much you love your job if the money is not paying the bills and keeping you in food, shelter and shoes then it is time to quit. And if money does get in the way of you enjoying your life away from work especially if there are things that you enjoy doing but can’t because you are counting coins; then find a better paying job.

No matter how dedicated you are and how much you like where you work not having enough money will stress you out.

2. There is No Way Up
Since you started you have been on the same rung on the career ladder. Or the ladder has no rungs but you think it is easier to stay because you get along with everyone. This is a mistake because the comfortably familiar has lulled you into inertia; which means you are not recognizing that your situation is a dead end.

If the signs are that you will have the same position and the same title year after year it may be time to start looking for another job. Go out and see what is available out there and see what else you can do and how you can progress.

3. You are at The Peak
If you have reached the top of your game and are at the peak of what you can accomplish in your present position face the fact that you have reached your potential. Then move to another place that has more options for your growth. You need self-actualization and the sense that you are actually being the person you have the potential to be.

However, if you are happy in this familiar place and do not feel the need to change by all means stay for the long haul. But, if you are expecting more from yourself and want more challenges it is time to go.

4. Retirement is on the Horizon
If you are nearing retirement age and still have the energy and enthusiasm to start anew somewhere else-leave because nobody said you have to stay until you reach the retirement age. Why should you wait for someone else to decide for you by putting you on the “to be retrenched” list?

As soon as or even before there are signs and sounds in the corridors that retrenchments are on their way find another job or start your own business because it is never too late to start over. Do not be the person who is found holding their last pay check with no other prospects.

5. You Have Been Offered a Position
This is the best reason to quit a job especially if you do not have a permanent position. Even if you are offered a little less money, quit. The full time position may come with a little less money to start with but it has a lot more stability. And the money can change for the better if you prove yourself worthy.

When you have been head hunted and the prospects are much better than where you are then quit and move on.

6. You Keep Looking at What is Out There
When the first place you look in the papers is the jobs section or your ears prick up when someone is talking about openings elsewhere it is a sign that you are ready to quit. Whether the jobs you are looking at are on the same level or higher, the fact that you are looking means that you want a change.

Listen to your inner voice. If it is telling you to quit, listen to it. Much as you like working at your present post; your actions and your inner self say something different.

7. You Struggle To Do Your Job
You dreamed of doing this job as you trained for it but the reality is far from the dream because the tools are not there. The work is made difficult because you cannot do the job as well as you should or the way you were trained to do it. This is a good reason to quit.

Yes, jobs are hard to find but staying on for too long can be detrimental to your skills. It is a good idea to make the hard decision to leave and go where you can do the job you were trained for and with the tools you need to work.

8. Your Side Gig is Beckoning
Why if what started off as a side thing has become successful and you are able to put a roof over your head and support a family effortlessly do you still continue with your other job? How long can you keep up with working two full-time jobs?

Your side job is beckoning you especially if you’re turning down work because your plate is overflowing. If you have got a great business on your hands it may be time to recognize that it is beckoning you to quit and consolidate your position.


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