A Quick Work Life Makeover

When you get into a rut and do not feel like going to work or continuing your business. Do yourself a favor; pick yourself up and move on from this temporary glitch in your life. Some things to do that that can help you are

1.     Making Changes to your profile

You have changed a little or maybe a lot since you started work; not just physically. You have achieved and learned a lot of things which your connections and the recruiters out there have not been updated about. Update your profile so that others see the excellent work you are doing and the things you are learning.

Not everything comes with a certificate but a short description in the summary will do. An update is better than none. You are a dynamic being so it is time to change your profile to represent the current picture.

2.    Joining an Association

There are many sector-specific associations that offer useful services, from networking events to giving out industry specific material. Find one and join it as professional bodies are an essential source of relevant news and opportunities.

If you cannot find one that is relevant to you create one yourself for event managers, freelance caterers, startups etc. Look in your contacts and see who you can ask to join and ask them to invite others.

Social sharing is something that we are all doing and have become extra ordinarily good at. In this case share and discuss things in your field. And before you know, you have a large enough number to register and start an association.

  1. Finding a Mentor

 If starting an association is too daunting find a mentor and get some help and direction. A mentor will be good for you because a mentor will give you insights and professional wisdom. Your mentor could be a current or past boss or really any very astute person. If there is no one who can take up this role; it’s worth identifying someone now (even contacts you met through networking) and start cultivating a relationship with them.

Remember the mentorship need not be a formal one, but it’s hugely helpful to have people in your work life that can help you navigate your career road map. Do not be afraid to ask for help and to show your eagerness to learn.

  1. Taking Classes

Look for ways to advance your career or business. If you love your job, and you see yourself staying there for the next ten years, find something you can do to improve your career stability and to prepare yourself for the next step. If you are not happy, you will be even more motivated to make those changes. Look for a class that you can take to gain additional skills or to prepare you to move up to a higher position in your company.

Only you have a vision of what you want to learn, where you want to be in a decade, when you want all these changes to happen and how much you want to achieve. So, go out and explore.


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