Are you the Work Place Monster

Some people, especially in the workplace, can cause problems and make other’s lives miserable. Having them admit to this is hard but, even harder is admitting the person is you!

If you want others to own their shortcomings, you need to own yours so, here is a chance to have an honest look-see if you are the office monster

  1. Being Moody

One day you are friendly and chatty, the next you are sullen and unresponsive makes for a very bad day for everyone. If people are afraid to catch you at the wrong time, they’re likely to avoid you all the time.

  1. Being Self-Centered

Some people will be in the habit of giving themselves credit for things that were actually team efforts or someone else’s initiative. Or are very quick to point out the mishaps of others but will never be as quick to admit their own shortcomings. Or will deliberately not give credit where it is due but rush to point out the poor performance of others.

  1. Being a Know it All

What will also drive people crazy is you not appreciating that they can do what they were hired to do and be always commenting on how they do things. Let people do what they know to do. And you do what you were hired to do.

  1. Not Responding

Not responding to queries and to requests makes people uneasy. Therefore, a quick email, a brief call with a yes, no or a maybe is good. Even if you forget, because everyone forgets things now and then. Do respond as soon as you remember and do not leave people hanging, guessing or waiting for unreasonable lengths of time for your response.

  1. Breaking Rules

If you break the rules that have been set to help the team you are announcing that you are not a team player. Things like taking long lunches will only make the team feel that they work harder than you do. Or just reporting late for work, all casual and nonchalant while others have been hard at work, is not cool and it can backfire and get you fired!

  1. Rarely Pitching In

There are times when there is more work than anyone anticipated, and people are asked to stay a little longer at work. However, there will always be that one person that has a prior ‘emergency’ and cannot lend a hand. Unless, your emergency is a ‘life or death’ matter; pitch in when you are asked to.

Even if you are the boss and normally should not be doing that sort of work. The team will appreciate you pitching in and getting your hands dirty at crucial moments.


Smile, it increases happiness and signals kindness.


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