Your Mobile Phone is a Huge Asset

The mobile phone has changed the way we live and work, much like the car did decades ago. And like buying a car, the size of your budget will dictate the brand of phone you buy.

Once bought and whatever make or brand you have, your mobile phone is a huge asset. And this is because of:

The Incredible Memory

With so many things going on these days; work, looking for work, school, collecting children from school, etc. A mobile phone has made it so much easier to remember and organize events in a day.

With apps for book marking days on a calendar, alarms and voice prompts; you do not need to rely on your own memory. You can dictate notes and reminders and you can store music, photographs, videos and films.

And when you do run out of space in your phone memory; you can upload to a cloud storage system.

The High Speed

Sending information to another person is so much faster and easier. Especially when you need to beat a deadline. Files, photos, price-lists, schedules can be sent with a tap of a button. And then they can be accessed, read and printed without too much fuss and time wasting.

The high speed means that you can execute many more projects, make many more sales and you can send and receive money quickly. Without going to a bank and waiting in long queues!

Access to (Almost) Everything

With your mobile phone you have access to the advantages and the power of the World Wide Web, every single second of the day. From news feeds, trending videos, weather updates, meeting celebrities, to finding old friends, making new friends and expanding your knowledge.

Added to the above are a multitude of courses you can delve into from language, origami, piano, dance, computing, cooking, fitness etc. Meaning you in effect have a whole campus in the palm of your hands and so can literally learn or do anything on your phone. And for some of the time; all for free.

It’s Future Monetary Value

Some people spend a lot of time thinking and contemplating about how much money they are willing to part with for a mobile phone while, others will just be happy to hand over the money and not think too much about it. As long as it does what it says on the box but, your choice of mobile phone does have more potential income in the long run. If you happen to keep it in good condition. You can resell it or you can pawn it. And if you’re able to hold on to your phone even longer while keeping it in pristine condition throughout that time, it might end up being classified as a collector’s item with significant value!


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