What to Do With an Orange Peel

The juice from an orange is delicious and has the vitamin C our bodies need to stay healthy. On the other hand, the peel will almost always ends up in the bin.

Don’t throw away the peel just yet because it can

Clean Surfaces

When you are washing your in-door and out-door bins, use the orange peels as a scourer. The orange peel has oils and juices that will cut through the grease and grime that build up in the bins each day. So each day, use some elbow grease and scrub your bins with orange peels to leave them clean and smelling good. Same goes for stainless steel surfaces, table tops and doors.

To save time, fill an empty jar halfway with orange peels, pour vinegar over the top until the jar is filled, and then let the mixture sit for at least 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks are up, strain to remove the peels, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use this to clean.

Freshen Air

Fill an hollowed out orange rind with salt and put it in the fridge. It will reduce smells. All because the salt will absorbs odors and moisture in the refrigerator’s air, while the peel will leave behind its citrusy smell. But, once the salt becomes damp, take the peel out and replace it with a new one.

Repel Insects

Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects hate orange peels because they contain a high amount of limonene, a chemical that they hate! So putting orange peel in your yard, near your doors and windows is a simple and inexpensive way to keep most insects out, especially mosquitoes.

Orange peel is not a medicine so if you are bitten. And if bitten many times over by the anopheles mosquitoes…you will likely get sick. So, do go to a health facility. And get tested and then take the medicine prescribed.

Soften Brown Sugar

More often than not, if you leave a bag of brown sugar in your pantry it will become rock-hard. Orange peels can help prevent this. Put a few pieces in with your brown sugar and the sugar will maintain or return to its initial softness.

Light Fires

Keep the orange peels to help light the barbecue or your out-door burner. The natural oils found in orange peels are flammable and offer a slower burn than a twigs or newspaper. And they smell a lot better than kerosene infused lighters.

Condition Hair

The vitamin C found in oranges not only helps to heal wounds, smoothen skin, lower blood pressure, prevent kidney stones from forming and encourage healthy bowel movement but, it can also help with your hair.

By placing small chunks of an orange with the peels intact into a blender and pulverizing it will produce a paste that you can rub into your hair.

Just remember to wash it out the same way you would a store bought hair conditioner.


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