For a Web Page, Do These 4 Things First

Now that you have decided to launch a page for your business or service, these are the things you should think about and do

1. Pick a Domain Name
If you plan on launching a web page, a domain name is a must. You can use your own name, the name of your service or business or a name that describes what you offer. Do make sure however, that the name you pick is short, simple and easy to remember.

2. Pre-Select Titles for Your Pages
The title of your pages will be used by most search engines to display your site in their search results. Do not get carried away with using too many words. Having a short title is also a good method of making sure your link will be short. Which means that it will not put people off from clicking on it or sharing it.

Also, have web page titles that use the most important words at the start and use no more than 10 to 12 words in them. Because there is nothing worse than trying to send someone a link to a web page in an e-mail or chat only to find the link is very, very long.

3. Be Specific
Be as specific as possible and include what is unique on the page. Like “Our Latest Products”. This title tells where to go for your products and also indicates that you have more than one product. Which will be an incentive for the visitors to continue and click on the title.

Studies have shown that the typical first view time is between 2 and 4 seconds. If a visitor cannot find what they want, finds your information hard to read, or cannot navigate the page, they will leave.

4. Contact an Expert
To make your life easier, contact someone who does this for a living. Find someone quick, fast and affordable and let them do the website building for you. 

Try and update and an improve your pages as often as you can. 


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