Before You Take That Money

When selling a product or service we are all tempted to drum up excitement about it but, before you take that money for the product or for your service make sure to

Be honest

Do not take a picture of one thing and then sell another and do not say it is new when it has been used. Even just once, is used.  Say, used once, twice or almost new. Be honest about the product at all times and especially about the dates of delivery and if there will be extra charges for said delivery.

Do not make promises you cannot keep before taking that money. There’s a difference between highlighting the best parts of the product and flat out lying. Second hand is not bad, as long as you are forthright.

Not Exaggerate

Do not say things about the product or service that are mere possibilities or over list accomplishments and skills. There’s a chance that the buyer may want that actual skill or accomplishment you listed and when it does not materialize, well it will not look good.

If the product cannot deliver what you say it can do and if you cannot do something or don’t know how to do it, don’t list it. People ask other people to confirm so exaggerating your skills or the quality of your product is one thing that will lose you business or get you fired. Just don’t do it, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Honour the offer

When you offer a product or service and agree with the client, honour it. Don’t come back with another price. The price was agreed already, so stick to it. If you will make a loss, then so be it but, do not present a bill that was not agreed on.

If you omitted something, get back to the client as quickly as possible and explain the change in price before delivery. If accepted, apologize and thank the client.

Producing a “surprise bill” will have serious consequences on your reputation and business and can affect your entire future.


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