Talking about Your Business

Your business needs attention and that attention will translate into money if, you tell people about it or rather, convince them to take a specific action.

A few things to do as you talk about your business are


Good timing means do not join the conversation with a direct sales pitch. It’s important to know when to jump in by getting to know a little more about what is motivating the people in the conversation. What are their pain points?

If you know this you can address them directly in your responses without coming out as only being there to sell.


Use active language, like “follow now” or “join now” or “buy now” adding phrases like “limited-time only” will help to create a sense of urgency. Using language that asks for something to be done creates urgency and an air of anticipation that encourage people to take action.

The action is the most important thing you want so be clear to tell people what they need to do next in order to take advantage of your offer. Whether it’s to “visit our shop”  “follow now”  “buy now,” “click here” or “call today.”


Every time you talk about your business is every time someone out there hears about it. Post specifically about your business and nothing else some of the time. Do this repeatedly, so that you are in people’s minds whether they like it or not by using strong attention grabbing words that will make people want to read more.

Strong words is not obscene, it is just attention-grabbing to communicate something about your product or service.


It’s really important to use a consistent tone throughout your posts. You have a certain way of speaking and as time goes by the audience will know your posts by the tone. Consistency will help to make your posts more memorable and build trust with your audience.

Make sure your posts have the same message and tone throughout so that your audience gets a clear and consistent message.


A good way to mind your business is to have others minding it for you too. Basically this means have as many people as possible talking about your service or product. It is amazing how people are more likely to take a specific action if they see others are doing it as well.

Where possible ask your clients to post about their experiences.


Say how many people have already bought or signed up or are following, if you tell people that “150 people have already ordered,” it may encourage more people to do so as well. Tell people how many products you sold, where you sold them and where next you will be selling.

People like to know how many other people do business with you. They even want to know who these people are so if you have an influencer buying from you ask them to post about your product (you may have to offer an incentive).


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