Begin you are already an Entrepreneur

Many of us are afraid to start our own business and are rather in awe of those that do. We think that they must have some pretty high skills and qualifications to do so and this intimidates us. I would say just begin and here is why

Your Background

If you grew up around someone who was doing business you have an idea what this life is and how an entrepreneur looks. So, just by watching them work, seeing them prepare and understanding the process around you and what they sold has already most likely prepared you.

Your back ground which was in the background did most likely develop the characteristics of a business owner in you. So begin as you already have an entrepreneurial spirit as you don’t need very special skills, a degree, a diploma or certificate.

Be mindful, the added qualifications will add another tool in your tool box of latent and active knowledge but there are no rules to what you must accomplish before going into business.

Your Everyday

The persons you watch around you every day maybe going in and out of your child’s school gates, the supplier at their tuck shop or even the person that comes to the office parking to sell from the boot of a car. These everyday moments may be helpful. Observe and do ask. Not everybody is stingy with advice so ask whenever you see an opening to do so.

If you have a formal job, you are already doing the work that your business will need you to do for it. Where you do your job and what the work place provides will give you the lessons you need to learn. Even if the workplace it is totally different from what you want to venture into, the work ethic and the everyday challenges of that business can’t be taught in a course.

Your Personality

You have that personality that will most likely help you succeed. You probably are good with people, work well with many different types of people and have a good eye for detail. You probably also have the ability to see when things need to be fixed or changed.

Being an observant person, you also are not afraid to jump in when things need doing. Be it being the record keeper at family meetings, the treasurer or the one that makes the announcements or divvies out tasks to other people so that thigs go smoothly and time is not wasted.

Have a good think about you and identify what you are good at. What you enjoy doing. This can help you determine what type of business you should be starting so devote serious time and effort into thinking about this so that you can turn it into a money-maker.


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