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Building up and sustaining momentum can be challenging for anyone especially for the just starting out in business.

To help you continue

Be Organized

Working for oneself and doing it from home requires discipline and organization. Find and set up a dedicated workspace for your business and have scheduled work hours. Having set work hours and getting into a routine will keep you moving forward.

Also, the dedicated space and time will help you stay focused and productive. Which means while you are at the work space also prioritize your tasks and avoid distractions, such as going on social media unless it is for work ( e.g. researching online opportunities, building your online presence, networking and marketing yourself ).

If you do not have house help, schedule chores for another time and do not be moving from your work to cleaning your bedroom to cooking or doing some other household chore when you are scheduled for work.

Be Professional

No matter what business you are in, it’s important to build your reputation and be seen to be professional. Being professional may require you to create a professional website or blog, or have a business page.

Send polite professional messages when you are trying to sell or enquire and if only to introduce yourself to people you’ve identified as a good fit for your business. By being professional you will get you the things you seek and these could be either buying from you or pointing you in the direction of possible clients for the business.

If you are already on several platforms make sure you send out professional posts about your business. Sharing well thought out posts online will help establish you as a professional and serious person in your business. As, no matter what the business is, when you are professional and serious and show the expertise in your field it will make it easier for potential clients or customers to choose you.

Be Networking

If you have an opportunity to connect with people that can help you, do it immediately, without hesitation. Build strong professional relationships with as many people as you can as networking is an important aspect of any business.

You can join online communities related to your field or your interests or attend local events to connect with others. As you are already using social media to promote your business or services stand out by solving the problems that others have. However, offer the correct advice and solutions and do not take on projects you cannot handle.

When you do a project via a contact online, make sure you do it well as social media is unforgiving. Don’t spoil your reputation or your chances for more business by behaving badly. Also, do not burn bridges when you have made a sale. Make an extra effort to maintain good relationships even after the deal is done.

Tomorrow comes with different opportunities, be the one people mention first in your network.


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